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Anime 2010 report

WOW it's April and I haven't done this yet.

Just an inventory on the anime I watched last year and how far I got, what I liked, etc. For posterity, or something.

Finished (2010):
Angel Beats! (10.29) - awesome, should rewatch
Arakawa Under the Bridge (08.17) - meh
Chäos;HEAd (01.09) - terrible
Detroit Metal City (04.05) - hilarious
Durarara!! (08.18) - good, but not as good as Baccano and not worth a rewatch
Ikkitousen (12.01) - terrible anime, but really awesome to find the Romance of the Three Kingdoms refs
Kimi ni Todoke - awwwww this series is so nice~
Koihime Musou (11.08) - entertaining, and fun for the RotK refs, but ultimately not good
Liar Game 2 (07.26) - (drama) OMG I love Liar Game
Kaiba (01.23) - not my kind of thing
Kuchu Buranko (03.05) - amazing, and awesome visuals
Magic Kaito (08.04) - NEED MORE
Nodame Cantabile Finale (04.28) - more Nodame, which is always good
Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (12.27) - unrealistic, but fluffy sibling relationships
Soul Taker (01.16) - "I won't marry the alien, I'll marry my brother!" ENOUGH SAID
Ryofuko-chan (10.15) - AHAHA what is this
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu S2 (02.25) - not as bad as people complain, although yeah, Endless Eight

Wow, I really didn't watch very much this year. Hmm, I don't think that it's that I didn't want to watch stuff, just that downloading and everything became more of a hassle. Spring season's coming soon though, and it looks promising.
Turbine Rosso badass



Possibly featuring Dick instead of Tim (what a terrible mistake! They could have at least called Tim Red Robin if they didn't want another Robin), but it'll have IMPULSE oh my God AMAZING. I know this is probably not going to be amazing (and what the hell are Miss Martian and Aqualad doing there homg) but but... BART...! Like, this could only make me happier if they retconned all of the new Teen Titans series and just went back to Young Justice with Tim and Kon-El and Bart forever.


So ANYWAY, I haven't LJ'd much recently because I'm really loving the whole microblogging thing and I'm kind of using my Twitter more. I'm aware that this makes me a loser, but I'm having fun so =D

Hmm.... one of my otaku friends is trying to get a girlfriend =D I've often found my friends telling me about their romantic lives and I'm generally kind of like "Dude, why are you telling/asking me this? You know I don't date," but honestly, I like listening to it and giving advice. It's fun ^_^ even though I'm not sure anyone should believe what I say at all.
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(no subject)

alonenut82: hey
Fiammata Candore: hey
Fiammata Candore: who's this?
alonenut82: i'm one of the admins on deviantart
Fiammata Candore: okay
alonenut82: can you please delete your page? your art is shit and is wasting our server space
Fiammata Candore: got it
alonenut82: also kill your family then yourself, thanks
Fiammata Candore: what about my friends?
alonenut82: kill everyone you know
Fiammata Candore: okay
alonenut82: and any black people too
alonenut82: damn niggers
Fiammata Candore: see, you should specify this kind of stuff first


IAP's been in session for a week and a half, and I feel really unaccomplished, probably because all the time I could spend in my externship I could be putting to better use, like, looking for an internship. I have a lot of things I want to get accomplished (making a clock, cosplay, reading more books) but haven't started any of them...

I went to New England Comics today, though, and found the most awesome figure ever:

Normally, I'm kind of meh about the DC Ame-Comi Heroine line-- they get American artists to reinterpret American superheroes into Japanese manga style?! But this Cassandra Cain Batgirl one is gorgeous. I have to have it. I need to find a way to save some money to afford her... maybe skip some meals or something guh.

Apparently they're also coming out with a sexy female Robin Do want.

So yeah, if you happen to be a mysterious millionaire looking for a great way to get rid of your money, consider buying me this figure.
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2009 in review

2009 was pretty decent. Not many great anime, but a few choice gems were really outstanding.

Wait, I'm doing a 2009 in review entry and it's just about the anime I've been watching?! Well, I guess that's not unexpected...

Last year, I found out that my friend who's always saying that she's too busy to watch anime (specifically, the anime I tell her to watch hehe) had seen more titles than me in the last year. That's just unacceptable. Still haven't asked her, but I think I did well this year. Watched a lot of movies since anime club's got this weekly movie thing going on; that's really good because there were a lot of classic movies that I hadn't watched before and I feel like I leveled up as an otaku-- or rather, I'm a little closer to be deserving of the label.

Numbers following a title are the date that I finished the show or film. Some are missing from dates I forgot. I'm not an anime blogger by any means, but I included a note next to things-- just for my own reference.
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End of term.

This term's been pretty crazy. Had a lot of personal things that I don't really feel like sharing with strangers over the internet, but let's just say it's been rough. :<

Got my first C at MIT =( Not actually my first-ever report card C (curse you, middle school PE). When I try to explain it, I say that it's because I had 4 presentations and 3 papers due the week and a half before exams, but I think it was just as much me not being motivated and throwing myself into club stuff to escape.

Speaking of club stuff, we did a survey recently of people on the anime club mailing list to try to figure out why no one comes to our showings and events and the result was kind of funny but to be expected:

Sigh. In my next life, I'm going to apply to RIT or Wellesley or something; I doubt their club people are quite as cool as ours, but at least their student bodies aren't as depressingly hosed.

In other news, I'm thinking about getting a Twitter again. "jennifu" is taken though. Maybe "jennifuu"?
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Public Service Announcement


Also, SankakuComplex makes me angry sometimes. The articles are great ("I don't read SanCom for the porn, I read it for the articles!" Yeah, suuuuuure you do. But it's actually true...), but the comments largely suck. I'm all for 2D girls and Love Plus and stuff, but a lot of people's justification for 2D and their hate on women are just sex-deprived excuses and sour grapes for the fact that they're too loserly and unattractive to get real girlfriends.

2D may be better, but if you can get 3D, it isn't THAT bad.

Not that I can talk...

Pimp post =D

Oh man, I haven't updated with an actual substantial post in FOREVER.

The reason is pretty much because the two posts I had planned, I can't do yet-- I still haven't gotten some pics I need from a friend, and my room is messy and my camera is broken. Graaaah maybe I should just give up on those ._.;


But yeah! I've pimped this everywhere, and I'm going to do it again (and probably even more elsewhere): The MIT Anime Club set up a fresh new blog <3 It's called "miteiru!" for "looking." We've been working really hard this term to make this a reality, and we're all really excited to see it actually established. It's a general anime/otaku blog with a focus on MIT and the club's many activities, so the flavor is a bit unique; one of our authors is, like, a Interweb celebrity too (haha), so that's pretty darn cool >w<. There isn't much on it yet, but check it out at And leave comments and suggestions! (Yeah, I'm being whore-y, but that's because we've put in quite a bit of effort and it'll be awesome and it'd be great if it'd last~)

In other news, my off-again-on-again relationship with DC Comics is now... on again again. Maybe. Like, two of my favorite characters-- Kon and Bart-- came back to life after dying stupidly, which is pretty much DC saying "YEAH THAT WAS A BAD IDEA, WE SCREWED UP," and Stephanie Brown is now Batgirl, and I'm just like WHAT THE HECK IS THIS but it's kind of awesome <3 My very favorite character in DCU is getting a monthly again next year <3 But I know that in like 6 months time, I'll make an entry complaining about how they inevitably screwed up royally and how I hate American comics or something.

Also, obligatory "zomg hahaha Zac Efron sort-of-maybe-although-he-says-it's-not-sure-at-all playing Light/Luke in the Death Note movie" XD;;; It's probably not fair to his movie career to say it, but Death Note as a musical would be hysterical. I'm going to watch Me and Orson Welles before deciding whether he can pull off acting this or not though, but regardless, it'd be pretty freaking funny if he gets it. It's also funny that this guys who's on all these squealing little girls' lunch boxes says that he loves Death Note.

2D > 3D

When you're in an argument on the Internet and members of the opposing party suddenly go "STOP TALKING ABOUT [subject at hand]; THIS THREAD IS OFFICIALLY ABOUT [completely unrelated topic]!" that is a sure sign that you have won.

Perhaps you have no life, but you are still the victor.